The mortar box is a capped cylindrical box, in which the test tube is controlled. The mortar box can contain 800 cm3 of mortar.

The mortar box must be absolutely water-vapourtight. The water-vapourtightness is controlled by weighing the mortar box after each test during the series of controls. The mortar box can be used just for one series of controls.

The mortar box is made of tinplate and is electrically weld. The nominal thickness is 0.3 mm, the diameter is around 80 mm and the height is around 165 mm. About 10 mm have to be left between the top of the mortar box and the cap.

In the middle of the cap, there is a cylindrical thermometer box, closed at the bottom. The inner diameter of the box is slightly larger than the diameter of the thermometer. The length can vary from 100 to 120 mm, so that the thermometer box can reach the heart of the test tube.

The mortar boxes that we provide are made according to the norm EN 196-9 (Dec. 2010) - as well as diameter and height.