NORMS : P15436 AND EN 196-9

CERILH (Centre d’études et de recherches des liants hydrauliques – Center for research and studies on hydraulic binders) has conceived the Calorimeter of Langavant in order to measure the heat of cements hydration.

We ensure production and sale of the calorimeter and complementary materials such as :

 Protected PT sounding 100 Ohms
Mortar box
Calibrating cylinder 2000 Ohms

References : Producer from the creation of the calorimeter, supplier for worldwide control laboratories.

Size of the calorimeter : height 400 mm, diameter 160 mm

The calorimeter is made of a Dewar vase closed by a heat-retaining stopper and put into a very  rigid standing box. The Dewar vase is made of silvered pyrex and is highly air vacuumed.

The measuring instrument (thermometer or sounding) can go inside the vase through the center of the heat-retaining stopper with a process ensuring airtightness.

The mortar box is a capped cylindrical box, put inside the Dewar vase, which allows the measuring instrument to go inside (same process to ensure airtightness). The mortar box can contain 800 cm3 of mortar. The mortar which will be measured is the test tube.
The test tube heating is measured with the PT sounding 100 Ohms.
Calorimeters can be sold with or without approved calibration.